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Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV's) such as the Cherokee Jeep and Hummer, are favored amongst distance driving travelers, who either like to drive to neighboring states on weekends or care more for driving over varying and rough terrain.

It's very important to fit the right SUV Tires onto your vehicle, because they're heavy and bulky and any stopping distance can be a little further than other kinds of car, usually depending on what kind of load you are hauling.

In addition, if you travel on coarse terrains frequently, or go off-road a lot, it's critical to have reliable tires as it may affect the stability of your SUV and I'm sure you won't want your tires to be blown out in the middle of the bushland.

Considerations When Sourcing

When you're sourcing the right kind of tires for your SUV, there are a couple of questions that you need to ask yourself.

1) What would most likely be the worst driving conditions you will experience.

2) What are the ordinary or daily driving conditions that you've been experiencing.

3) Should you get tires that strike a good balance between your varying driving conditions.

From these questions, you will get a better notion of what kind of tires to watch out for. For ordinary drivers, it's gret to get the popular all-in-one tire so you will have less headache when it comes to the switching of terrains or driving conditions.

Load Capacities

As we mentioned earlier, because of the weight of Sports Utility Vehicles, you should buy tires with larger load capacities. This is especially true if you carry many passengers in your vehicle often and you will want your tires to handle the additional weight well.

Load capacities determine how much air can be in the tire at one time and how much the tire can be squeezed.

The design of the tires are vital as well because it decides how well the tires grip. Keep an eye out for zig zag sipes on the tires that interlock very well into each other to improve handling on wet conditions.

I actually advocate the Michelin ltx m s2 as it includes the advanced technology of 'active 3D sipes' which can increase traction in most conditions. Also, they are well priced at around $155 at this point of writing and I believe that is a superb price for an all-in-one tire that comes with these cutting-edge features.

If you continue to be undecided which one to select, approach the technician in your workshop or at NTW Tires, and My opinion is that he can figure out the best tires for your car type and driving conditions for the season.

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